House Of Cards.

In 2015 I moved from familiar surroundings, employment, people, country etc. to a place which was semi-familiar, but also very new. I had figured out the area I would live and the job I would go into before I even arrived. I had it all worked out. I decided years ago on my career and how I’d like to move forward with further study, and left it at that!

So, now seven months later the work I started upon arrival has ended, I have tried another place of employment (same field of work), only to walk away from that and to top it off, I am feeling complete ambiguity towards the career path I felt so strongly about!

To add to these feelings of uncertainty towards my work and career choices, I feel so very much that my decision to move to this country was a big mistake. Every step taken since arriving has felt a mistake. Until today that is!

Today while having coffee and millionaire shortbread with a very good friend, she described this whole cacophony in a way that made sense, in turn helping me to understand how I can move onward and upward. I now look at this not so welcome disruption as the crumbling of my house of cards! This may not sound particularly inspiring; but actually although I didn’t at first feel uplifted, I did feel strengthened and so many thoughts began buzzing around in my head.

I have been told many times that I am resilient and positive, always looking at the light or bright side of any situation or person. In all honesty I believe this is to be true. Whenever I see an apparent impossibility, I will explore any positive features or qualities and work from there. While walking home from my friend’s house I remembered that whenever I am faced with anything unsettling, I also tend to look outside the square.

So, what now? Do I mope about; despairing about how my life feels it is crumbling around me? Or, do I pick up my Hermione Granger wand and declare it all as an open door to new possibilities, maybe a new career, and new relationships? Well, I’m sure you can tell which option I have chosen.

There are so many areas I can explore to give myself the best possible outcomes. Being honest about what I really would like to do for work, what sort of life I want for myself as well as understanding that I am a deserving and worthy person. This will not be a one-day fixer upper, but being honest with myself may be a good step forward, and kind of exciting! I may have skills, knowledge and experiences that have led me to choose one type of career, however there are so many other talents and skills accumulated along the way. In fact I believe that everyone has many buried or unrecognised skills and talents, that if we wrote down everything we do in our paid and unpaid work times, we could start two whole new career paths!

So now as I begin re-building my house of cards I am believing in myself, knowing that the strength is there and fortunately, family and friends who are very good listeners and offering honest suggestions.

About karendgoss

Music, reading, bike riding, hiking, yoga, cooking and learning about the world as it is now and history, these are a few of my favourite things!
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4 Responses to House Of Cards.

  1. Jenny says:

    Great motivating article Karen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There’s nothing like millionaire shortbread and a cuppa in the sunshine to make life just a little better….


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