Let them be?

When do you know when something has come to an end? A career, a friendship or any relationship for that matter, or the place you call home?

Our future and career choice is something we are generally asked to think about and work out in our late teens as we move towards the last two years of high school. If we do this, then we will be able to map out the next ten, twenty or more years of our lives! Some university degrees can take between five and eight years to complete, possibly longer. So, at what point do we look at the career path we’ve been treading and know that it’s come to an end?

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes, from the ones we have in childhood, to the friends we met at University, the ones that developed from a chance meeting, or the people you meet through others! As I said, all shapes and sizes. But of the people you have known for years, how do you know when they stop being a friend and become someone you used to know?

I have had so many places I call home in the concrete sense, that I now feel that home for me anyway is more the country, or two countries actually. I was born in England, grew up in Australia, now forty-odd years later I’m back in England. So both those countries feel like home, but physically I am living in one at a time. Do I stop calling one a home because I live in another? Maybe.

I believe that life is just a whole load of beginnings and endings and sometimes the endings can be abrupt and very sad, other times they can be a breath of fresh air and something to celebrate. I’m very much a do it because it feels right person and don’t really know the answer to these questions to suit other people, however I do feel for me, that the answer lies in my heart. The thing is to follow those hunches or feelings, believing whole-heartedly that it is the right way to move. Trying to stop your inner critic from shouting too loudly can be the challenge!

Everyone has their own opinion, and of course they are all right, for themselves. So this theory might work for me, but I don’t expect everyone to agree. I know there are things in my life that are coming to an end, but the prospect of what I am about to start is quiet exciting! Maybe the answer to my questions is to just let things be, and the endings and beginnings will just come about in their own sweet time!

About karendgoss

Music, reading, bike riding, hiking, yoga, cooking and learning about the world as it is now and history, these are a few of my favourite things!
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